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Car Washing Pump

"Hydrojet" High Pressure Industrial Car Washing Pump

Car washing Pump for personal and industrial cleaning, we suggest a high pressure cleaning system. Comparing to other ordinary car washers our high pressure pump has high impact pressure which removes the dirt adhered in the vehicles with less consumption of water with high pressure, we have the solution to finish a large surface area with high pressure wash in a short span of time. Hydrojet car wash comes with the latest state of High-tech technology and includes standard accessories for cleaning effectively. The high pressure pump comes with a trolley and skid mounted assembly.

A vehicle should be washed down every two to three weeks. Weather factors such as heat, cold, salt air, exposure to sun and acid rain can ruin the look and paint on your vehicle. We suggest washing your vehicle at regular intervals on rainy seasons. It is easier to clean your car or truck by using high pressure pump. But however, the salt can cause enormous amounts of damage to your car's chassis and engine. With high pressure washers, you can spray off the dirt and salt that accumulates at the surface and the bottom of your car in a quick and precise manner.

Imported High Pressure Car Washer 3 to 5 HP

High Pressure cold water professional high pressure cleaners have been for years a "reference" in several markets. Many competitors tried to copy their lines, without ever managing to imitate the reliability. Easy to handle and compact, they are perfectly suited to the washing division, for which they are designed. Motor power from 3 hp single phase to 5. hp three phase.

Imported High Pressure Car Washer 7.5 to 10 HP

Pressure from 150 to 250 bar, flow rate from 15 to 21 liters/minute. 4-Pole electric motors from 7.5 to 10 hp. Their chassis-tank is of high resistance material with integrated lance holder. On/off switch and chemical dosing system are integrated in a single knob. They are innovative, robust and practical to use.

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