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Heat Suppression System

Imagine a wide space, where you work or you spend your time, that due to a too high temperature it is ill at ease…now on the contrary if you think an atomization of millions of water droplets having diameter of few microns these droplets evaporate and during such a natural process absorb a sensible heat quantity reducing the temperature down to 10oC. That it is possible both in open space and in wide protected places, if well ventilated. Today it is possible in locations where until today, for reason of space, of costs or of electric absorption, it was not possible to install on air conditioning plant. The adiabatic systems Hydromist are also suitable for several applications that you will find visiting our site.

The industry must give importance to the Humidification Auxiliary right from purchase of good Quality plant and user-friendly maintenance schedules. Here, the industry & the vendor have to Work as a team to sustain & improve energy efficiency of the plant. We have to install Humidification - Heat Suppression system to improve the plant efficiency.

This is not only for humidification of plant but for other equipment's too; the industry has to coordinate with their existing vendor to improve upon the product's energy efficiency. Now many intelligent members of industry understand that Humidification is a Tool to improve the Productivity. This reduction of ambient temperature in the processing area is under our control, the parameters are defined and they point to the user, road to better productivity. To sustain in the industry segment, we have to think in terms of Motivation of the Man first and Lubrication of machine next. On the contrary, we try to motivate the machine i.e overload the same first, and lubricate the men i.e compensate them next. The priority is now changing, and it is welcoming trend too.

In the field of medicine, the elders say practically, "Shake the bottle before use and shake the body after use for better results". The same concept is applied to the industry that Humidification is like medicine to the industry. Instead of running the plant constantly it is better to run the plant, practically based on the temperature parameters of the equipment and the premises.

The humble thinking now is that first and foremost perquisite for the factory employees is to be healthy enough to run the plant efficiently. Hence, we are duty bound to provide a pollution free environment and ideal working condition with fresh air & good water. Then we have to think of Fine-tuning of process parameters, and later retrofitting of energy saving gadgets to the process which will definitely achieve better results in the overall plant productivity.

Do We Measure Humidification-Heat Suppression System For Plant Efficiency?

Condition based monitoring of the plant is done from outside and it is not possible for the operator to measure the operating parameters of the plant frequently. So we have to fix monitoring instruments inside the plant to monitor the operating parameters frequently.

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