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Hot water steam Jet cleaner

Hot water steam jet cleaners are required for heavy duty cleaning where cold water jet is not effective, like greasy surface. rusty and stubborn carbon deposits. The hot water melts the grease and dirt and cleans the surface effectively. We manufacture world class hot water steam jet cleaners and offer our customers full after sales service and spare part support. Our machines are diesel and electricity operated and we have pure electric-ity operated machines also.

Professional Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners

Hydrojet Steam Clean System developed byMagna Fogincosfor their innovative range of high-pressure cleaners. Magna Engineers has been producing high-pressure pumps for industrial, professional and domestic markets since last two decades. Hydrojei Steam Clean high-pressure cleaners are designed to meet the more demanding needs of industrial customers, as these machines are based on the robust TRIPLEXX PLULGER PUMP layout which is the standard, in fact the technology of choice for heavy-duty industrial high-pressure cleaning applications.

Application in various Industries

  • Food Processing Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • pipe Mills
  • Chemical Industries
  • Health Care Industries
  • Printing and Dying
  • Oil refineries
  • Steel Mills
  • Industrial caterer
  • Printing and Dying
  • Control Rooms
  • R and D centers

Steam Cleaning System models & technical Specifications
Models Nos HJ 8840 HJ 8840 HJ 8840 HJ 8840
Pressur Bar /psi 150 /2175 200/ 2900 150 /2175 200/ 2900
Power KW /KP/RPM 7.4/10/1450 9.3/13/1450 7.4/10/1450 9.3/13/1450
Max Capacity LPM / LPH 21/1260 21/1260 15/900 15/900
Temperature celcius 55 55 65 65
Watertank ltrs 5 5 5 5
Fuel tank ltrs 24 24 24 24
detergent tank ltrs 8 8 8 8
Weight kgs 135 135 135 135

Models & Specifications of other capacities for special applications available on request.

Complete range of cleaning equipment available (Ultra Iligh-Pressure Cleaners. Pipe Cleaning Equipment. Poultry Cleaning Equipment. Floor Polishers, Floor Scrubber Driers. Floor Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Al EX certified Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet & Upholstery Clean-ers, Floor Polishes, Foaming Machines, ('leaning Agents, Industrial Degreasers & lkscalers and many more.)

  • Magna Engineers is a world-wide producer, supplier, and integrator of "Hydro Systems" & "Scientific Glass Apparatus" - related products to industries in India and customers throughout the world. Magna's customers include the Public Sector Units, Heavy Engineering Companies, Engineering Procurement & Construction Industries (EPC), Food Processing Industries, Power Plants, Steel Industries, Chemical Industries, Department of Defense and all types of wet process heavy industries. As a supplier and as a trusted strategic partner, we have the intellectual, technological, and financial resources to enable customers to solve problems in high-technological fields.