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High Pressure Jet Rodding

Magna Engineers does Jet cleaning & Rodding exceptionally well for Commercial & Industrial Jet Cleaning Applications to safe guard the environment from infection, bad odour emanating out of drains as well as avoid manual scavenging.

We service Commercial & Industrial, Municipal Corporations & Hotels

High Pressure Jet Rodding

Debris buildup & sludge / grease are some of the most common causes of sewer back-up. This can often be addressed, either temporarily or in some cases permanently, through high pressure jet rodding. Jet rodding depends on the ability of high-velocity jets of water to dislodge materials from the pipe walls and transport them down the sewer. Water under high pressure is fed through a high pressure hose to a nozzle placed in your sewer and dislodges the materials on your sewer walls. If your sewer is backed-up, or starting to omit a foul order - it's time for you to schedule sewer maintenance with us. We will locate the problem using advance technology and use high pressure jet rodding to address the problem quickly and prevent costly service.


"Hydrojet" Jet Rodding unit will have your water flowing in no time. Our portable power Jet-Rodders uses high pressure water to bring a sewer drain line back to normal condition without having to actually replace the line. This is a very cost effective method for cleaning severely clogged drains. We put our hard work & experience to work for you.

Drain lines to the sewer or septic tank can plug and backup from everyday use including soap scum, grease, hair and other deposits. Using a jet cleaning system will help clean and remedy the problem providing a free-flowing drain line.

Expert Drain Cleaning Service

We unclog, fix & open drains that others can't, our high pressure jetting cleans the walls of the pipes as opposed to the conventional methods of mechanical blades. Even with the high-powered rodding machines that we use, there is no matching application where the high pressure jet provides a better cleaning. There is no better way to remove grease, sludge and dirt from a drain, clean a culvert or city sewer, or even cut ice from a frozen drain line than with the high pressure jet. One exciting application of our new high pressure jet is the ability to cut, chip & throw any hard deposits adhered inside the drain at 5,000 PSI. While our power rodding machines can cut through and remove just about anything, our high pressure jetting system can clean the inside of pipe lines. We put our experience & quality service to work for you.

  • Magna Engineers is a world-wide producer, supplier, and integrator of "Hydro Systems" & "Scientific Glass Apparatus" - related products to industries in India and customers throughout the world. Magna's customers include the Public Sector Units, Heavy Engineering Companies, Engineering Procurement & Construction Industries (EPC), Food Processing Industries, Power Plants, Steel Industries, Chemical Industries, Department of Defense and all types of wet process heavy industries. As a supplier and as a trusted strategic partner, we have the intellectual, technological, and financial resources to enable customers to solve problems in high-technological fields.