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High Pressure Pump - Accessories

Accessories - Automatic Pressure Regulators

Automatic pressure regulator, which allows to unload the pressure in the whole circuit (Pump and hose). Max. pressure 200 bar, flow rate from 8 to 41 liters/minute

Accessories - Automatic Pressure Regulators

Stainless steel automatic pressure regulator, which unloads the pressure in the pump. Max. Pressure 500 bar, flow rate up to 60 liters/minute.

Accessories - Rotating Nozzles

Stainless steel professional high pressure rotating nozzle. Max. Pressure 750 bar, max. Flow rate 50 liters/minute.

Hydrojet has numerous accessories designed to put the power of high-pressure water to work for you. Each is the result of decades of water jetting experience, and all meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Complete line of system accessories to match the performance and liquid construction of each pump. These accessories assure safety and optimum system performance. Trigger Guns, Pressure Regulators, Unloaders, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges and HP Nozzles are just a few of the wide variety of accessories available for your high pressure system. High Pressure System accessories provides the pump and system protection, regulate pump performance, system flexibility and extend the systems longevity.

No one offers more manual, automated and semi-automated accessories, and they're all here, in our on-line catalog. Click on any Accessory to see a photo, features and key specs.

Standard Accessories:

Pressure regulating valve cum Unloader Valve, High Pressure Gun, Lance, Straight Jet Nozzle, Flat Jet Nozzle, High Pressure Hose, Suction Hose, Bye- Pass Hose, Pressure Gauge, Electric Cable, DOL / Star Delta Starter, Electrical Control Panel, Industrial Strainer, Skid / Trolley mounted.

Unloader Valve

Hydrojet unloader valve functions as a safety device. Unloader valves control the direction of the flow of water exiting the pump. A positive displacement pump always delivers water, regardless of whether the spray gun is open or closed. When the spray gun is closed, the unloader valve redirects the flow of water back to the inlet side of the pump. This prevents the build up of dangerously high pressure and guards against the failure of component parts. Pressure cleaners are installed with either a Trapped Pressure Unloader or a Flow Actuated Unloader.

Spray guns start, stop, and direct the flow of water from the high pressure pump's Nozzle. Squeezing the trigger, releases pressure. Releasing the trigger interrupts the flow of water to the nozzle, although the pump continues to run, without an outlet for releasing this water, pressure would continue to build. A very dangerous situation would result.

Pressure Regulating Valve

The pressure regulator holds the established system pressure in the discharge line and at the pump head when the trigger gun is closed or solenoid valve is closed or the nozzle is clogged, thus bye-passing all unrequired or excess flow. Squeezing the trigger gun or opening the solenoid valve allows for a quick return to established system pressure without delay. This is a pressure sensitive pressure regulator designed for systems with single or multiple pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, standard guns.

High Pressure Gun

HydroJet offers a variety of high pressure spray guns for industrial users. All high pressure spray guns are equipped with the 1/4" FNPT so that the lance pipe can be easily threaded into the gun. The inlet side of the gun will accept any 3/8" MNPT fitting so that the high pressure hose can be attached. Each gun is tested at the factory to ensure the quality, as you have come to expect from us.

HydroJet high pressure guns are lighter in weight and they are very easy to handle. The high pressure guns are designed for heavy duty application which can handle high temperatures with stainless steel models. The entire high pressure gun comes with safety lock.

Pressure Gauge

The importance of pressure gauges is often overlooked. A well designed and properly sized pressure gauge should provide accurate service for years. The performance of spray nozzles, pumps and other fluid components are often judged in part by pressure gauges in the fluid system. A quality pressure gauge will pay for itself within a short period of time by increasing the accuracy and control of your process.

Most of our gauges are constructed with bourdon tubes to measure pressure and vacuum. The bourdon tube, which is a hollow metallic tube sealed at one end, flexes when pressure is applied. It flexes because it naturally wants to straighten out, but cannot because it is linked to a geared movement. As it tries to flex, this linear movement is changed to a rotational one by means of small gears. They in-turn cause the pointer to indicate the measured pressure. Gauges like this are designed for clean, non-clogging liquids and gases.

Flat Jet Nozzle

Our 1/4" threaded high Pressure Nozzles attach to the end of the lance by tightening in a normal clockwise motion. Nozzles feature especially hardened stainless steel construction for flow control accuracy as well as a longer life-span. Design provides optimized fluid dynamics to minimize turbulence and maximize spray performance. These nozzles are suitable for use with a wide range of flow rates and operating conditions and are available with a choice of spray patterns, spray angles and connections.

15 - 45 DEGREE- Flat Jet Nozzle

  • Removing paint from wood, masonry or metal.
  • Removing grease or dirt from equipment.
  • Removing heavy mildew stains.
  • Removing marine growth from marine equipment.

Straight Jet Nozzle

Straight jet nozzle can be identified by the High Pressure Nozzle "number", a four or five digit number that is stamped on the nozzle, which indicates the spray angle and orifice size. In all cases the first two digits of the nozzle number indicate the spray angle (disperse) in degrees.

EXAMPLE: 00 is 0 degree, 15 is 15 degree, 25 is 25 degree and 40 is 40 degree. The last two digits of the nozzle number indicate the orifice size.

0 DEGREE- Straight Jet Nozzle

  • Cleaning tar, glue or stubborn stains from concrete.
  • Removing hard deposits from process Equipments and Machinery
  • Cleaning overhead areas.
  • Removing rust from steel and oxidation from aluminum.


The spray force from these nozzles can cause injuries if pointed directly at yourself or others.

Roto Jet Nozzle

Rotating nozzles use centrifugal force to produce a strong impact and a spray pattern. Due to the reliability and effectiveness of rotary nozzles, these have been widely accepted. The nozzle rotates a powerful, zero degree spray pattern in a circular motion to break down tough dirt and grime. By spinning the discharge water, the spray adds additional scrubbing ability to the cleaning process. With a rotating nozzle, you can clean the following types of applications; rust removal, metal or plastic tank cleaning, paint removal and graffiti removal, wall paint stripping, washing concrete, eliminating gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning and barnacle removal, asbestos abatement, cleaning crab and lobster pots, fish nets, cleaning dirty garage floors, stripping paint from wood exterior, and removing mud and clay from highway and construction equipment. The spray pattern will cover area of 4 to 8 inches wide, depending on a distance between the lance and the surface being cleaned.

Pipe Cleaning Nozzle

Pipe cleaning nozzles are used in wide range of cleaning applications. The two major application groups are sewer and drain cleaning and industrial pipe and tube cleaning. In addition, there are other specialty applications such as hydro drilling (using high pressure water as the cutting agent to drill holes in rock and soil). We at HydroJet, offer nozzle sizes from 1/8", perfect for small Jet Rodding used in industrial applications, up to 3/8" NPT nozzles suitable for large trailer mounted equipment used for city municipal applications and commercial treatments. Operation: 1 water spray forward and 3 sprays backward (excellent for forward cleaning, cuts through roots, tough dirt and other debris.)

Tube Cleaning Nozzle

Applications - (Evaporator / Heat Exchanger / Boiler / Callendria) Heat exchanger tube bundles are among the most challenging of cleaning jobs, but Hydrojet water jet systems make it easy. We offer manual flexible lance or, to minimize operator exposure, automated and semi-automated systems. Heat exchangers are vital components in plants in the aluminium, chemical, oil industry, food production and environmental technology sectors. Heat exchangers have long been a maintenance nightmare when it comes to tube cleaning. Heat exchanger downtime means lost production and lost revenues. It is not at all uncommon for the tubes in these units to become solidly plugged with deposits.

Fogging Nozzle (Humidification / Misting)

This TOP QUALITY fog nozzle with anti-drip valve is used in both our 12/24 thread sized stainless steel and super-flex fog line. Also used as quality replacements for most brands of fog systems. Produces superfine 10 micron water droplets and 0.008" nozzle orifice. 10 micron droplets are 1/10 - the diameter of a human hair. Unique check valve prevents the nozzle from dripping after shut down and reduces calcium build-up. These nozzles are for intermittent industrial duty FOG applications. Hydromist Fog Nozzles are delivered fully assembled and ready to install. The new 100 BC version of this popular nozzle is fully cleanable and repairable allowing for extra years of service duty.

Electric Cable

HydroJet system comes with flexible electric cable with Metal cad Plug. We are proud to supply complete safety product. The ISI mark along with FIA/TAC (Fire Insurance Approval/Tariff Advisory Committee) Approval highlights the aspects of absolute protection that not only saves power but human lives too, by preventing electrical shocks, short circuits and fires.

DOL Starter

A direct on line starter, often abbreviated DOL starter, is a widely-used starting method for electric motors. The term is used in electrical engineering and associated with electric motors. There are many types of motor starters, the simplest of which is the DOL starter.


HydroJet high pressure pumps are mounted on a trolley. These trolleys are manufactured using good quality of mild steel. They are fixed with four wheels which is easy to move the pump from one place to another.

Sand blasting Nozzle

Sand Blasting Nozzle is mainly used to remove the paint and rust. Sand blasting is done at really high pressure with the use of a "High pressure Pump" that pushes solid particles across the rough surface of the item you want sanded. The working of sand blasting nozzle is simple. The sand blasting combines both water and sand or other material to blast away the rough spots on the item you want to smooth. Different materials are used for sandblasting and each one provides the item being sanded with a distinctive finish. The sand blasting attachment can remove paint, rust, grease and graffiti from any surface.


An inlet filter protects your pump from impurities that are in water. Rust, scale, sand and algae deposits can easily clog the N.R.V. valves or scratch the pistons. Use a 60-100-mesh screen filter or a candle filter of adequate size for flow and be sure it is checked and cleaned periodically.

High Pressure Hose

These hoses have a working pressure of 4000 PSI to 5000 PSI and are oil resistant with a marked cover. They are ideal where they come in contact with cleaning solutions used in the high pressure washing industry. "High Pressure Hose" gives your high pressure washing equipment more professional appearance.

Suction Hose

PVC Nylon braided hoses are used for suction in high pressure pump. These hoses have more life than ordinary garden hoses.

Bye - Pass Hose

In operating high-pressure cleaning units, the outflow of the water discharged from the associated pump may be temporarily interrupted. As the pump normally operates continuously, care must be taken to ensure that the water can then be returned in a bypass to the pump's suction side. This can be achieved by a bypass valve sensing a rising pressure in the said closing situation, thus opening for the bypass.


Magna Engineers offers hot and cold water high pressure pumps. Choose from our wide range of models and select the right high pressure pump for the appropriate application. We design and manufacture as per the custom requirement for industrial heavy duty high pressure waterjet cleaning system for power and process industries. We also supply for automobile, commercial and various industrial cleaning applications. This is your one-stop organization and the right place with advice and many valuable tips. We will help you chose the right model to suit your particular needs and application

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