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High Pressure Pump

Magna Engineers is the leading supplier of high and ultra high pressure pumps; we also manufacture high and ultra high pressure pump units and a wide range of water jetting accessories including nozzles, water blasting guns, sewer cleaning nozzles, tube cleaning nozzles, humidification & fogging nozzles, process pumps and much more.

Magna Engineers offers hot and cold water high pressure pumps. Choose from our wide range of models and select the right high pressure pump for the appropriate application. We design and manufacture as per the custom requirement, especially for industrial heavy duty high pressure application for power and process industries. We also supply for automobile, commercial and industrial cleaning contracting businesses. This is your one-stop organization and the right place with advice and many valuable tips. We will help you choose the right model to suit your particular needs and application.

Applications in Power & Process Industries

Power Plants, Paper industry, Cement industry, Food processing units, Textile processing units, Meat processing units, Sea food industry, Bakery units, Poultry Hatcheries, Leather Tanneries, Fruits canning industry, Chemical industry, Tea & Coffee processing industry, Sugar industry, Hotel industry, Hospitals, Ceramic tile industry, Refineries, Fertilizers, Granite industry, Breweries, Iron & Steel Industry, Milk diaries, Bulk drug manufacturing industries, Confectionaries, Common Effluent treatment plants and much more.

HP Pumps - up to 250 bar

Renowned worldwide for its extraordinary reliability and is the main reference for professional high pressure washing. Maximum flow rate is 30 liters per minute, max. Pressure is 250 bar (3600 psi) with motor power up to 15 hp.

HP Pumps - up to 500 bar

Designed to equip professional high pressure cleaners and industrial systems, with motor up to 30 HP, this Series ensures by far the highest quality standards in its application segment, for pressure up to 500 bar.

HP Pumps - HT Series

The HT (High Temperature) series was designed for use in industrial applications up to 850C (1850F). The introduction of highly innovative components and materials guarantees the highest reliability even in the toughest conditions of use. The range of HT series is very wide, covering flow rate from 5 to 170 liters /minute and working pressure up to 250 bar.

HP Pumps - SS Series - Stainless Steel

The SS series pumps, which includes the SS71 range, are equipped with AISI 316L manifolds and are designed for various applications in the fields of reverse osmosis, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The quality of the materials used make them suitable for use with aggressive fluids. Five different frame sizes cover flow rate from 5 to 150 liters/minute and working pressure up to 250 bar.

HP Pumps - Hydraulic Drive

In addition to electric motors and petrol engines, Hydrojet pumps are also available in dedicated configuration for coupling to hydraulic motors. The solutions for this application field are many and of a high quality level.

Box Jet High Pressure Pump

From 3 hp single-phase to 5.hp three-phase, Hydrojet range of high quality motor pump units, with pressure from 100 to 180 bar and flowrate from 10 to 17 liters/minute. The units are available in different configurations according to the customer's requirements. The most complete version includes on /off switch with power cord, integrated automatic pressure regulation valve and delayed total stop system (automatic stop system when closing the gun).

  • Magna Engineers is a world-wide producer, supplier, and integrator of "Hydro Systems" & "Scientific Glass Apparatus" - related products to industries in India and customers throughout the world. Magna's customers include the Public Sector Units, Heavy Engineering Companies, Engineering Procurement & Construction Industries (EPC), Food Processing Industries, Power Plants, Steel Industries, Chemical Industries, Department of Defense and all types of wet process heavy industries. As a supplier and as a trusted strategic partner, we have the intellectual, technological, and financial resources to enable customers to solve problems in high-technological fields.