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Odour Neutralization


Sorting and collecting of waste is fast becoming a normal occurrence in many places around the world. These waste transfer stations are becoming more overloaded with garbage and trash; economic restrictions delay the building of new stations forcing operators to manage with existing installations.

The proximity and closeness of housing developments increase the complaints of odors and dust as more material is processed through the plant.


Hydromist systems offer a solution that can help eliminate both the fugitive dust problem and the malodors leaking from the structure.

A specifically designed Hydromist system will ensure that all parts of the Transfer Station are treated with odor and dust control to protect both the operatives and the householders nearby.

The 10-micron droplets are distributed evenly though the building ensuring complete odor and dust elimination.

Chemical Plant


With housing projects and buildings coming closer to factories every day, the tolerance for industrial odors and pollution is less. Buildings that once were in the country are now in the heart of housing districts.


Hydromist systems, the owner has the opportunity to surround and target the source of the malodors with flexible tube and nozzles positioned exactly where needed.

The addition of a suitable chemical into the Hydromist system increases the efficiency as the water evaporates leaving a large surface area on the chemical droplet to attack the malodors.

Composting Plants


The production of high-organic composts is increasing in a more demanding society. Production of these composts was traditionally in remote countryside areas. As rapid urbanization and encroachment in the country increases the operations demand for "clean air" around these businesses considerably.


Hydromist systems are installed at the "point source emission" of the odor and dust problems. Special odor control chemicals delivered through a grid of Hydromist nozzles ensure efficient and complete elimination of the malodors.

Livestock & Poultry


Neighborhood complaints and government fines can soon force a farmer to move or even close his operation when complaints about odors become too severe.


Hydromist systems not only can eliminate the odors, but also provide valuable cooling to the animals and livestock in the building.

High-pressure fog droplets evaporate and eliminate odors; cooling the air as they do so. They also provide a screen of fog that can "scrub" the air of dust and odors as it settles to the ground.

Landfill Areas


As landfill sites near capacity, malodors are carried quickly over the boundaries into the approaching residential areas.


By adding a line of Hydromist high-pressure nozzles around the boundary, complete odor control is achieved

Using wind sensors and controllers, an "economy cycle" can be introduced that reduces the operation time of the system that only operates the system when a "threat" is imminent.

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