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Pipe Cleaning System

What methods are you currently employing for tube cleaning, pipe cleaning or chemical tank cleaning? If you are not using high pressure water jet equipment for the operations, you may not be thoroughly cleaning them. The inside of all of your pipes or tubes that carry chemicals or liquids or even gasses may eventually build up large amounts of corrosion or contaminants. The corrosion or contaminants could adversely affect the quality of the products that you deliver. Additionally, when the buildup becomes too great, your production delivery slows down. This is costing you money.

At 'HYDROJET' we offer solutions to these problems. Using high pressure water jets you can safely clean tubing, pipes or chemical tanks. We have many different types of high pressure water jets, each designed to accomplish a particular task. If your task is pipe cleaning, tube cleaning or chemical tank cleaning, stop by our main site to learn more about how we can help you to accomplish these tasks. We will also show you how our eco friendly methods of pipe cleaning, tube cleaning, chemical tank cleaning will not only benefit the environment by not using harsh chemical cleaners or additives, will save you money. Your first savings will be form the expense of not using additional chemicals, while an additional cost saving benefit will be from not exposing people to potentially hazardous situations.

At 'HYDROJET' we help to provide solutions to your needs for keeping pipes, tubes or chemical tanks clean and productive.

Tube Cleaning System for Heat Exchanger, Evaporator and all types of Condenser tubes

Our main focus is to restore and maintain maximum operating efficiency for every condenser and heat exchanger we clean. Magna Engineers has the experience required to review your particular conditions and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every application. Given the job parameters, we successfully implement chemical cleaning and high pressure water jetting. Proper assessment of the conditions affecting each power plant is crucial in choosing the correct course of action. We work closely with our clients to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution, taking into account tube base metal compositions, base metal conditions, corrosion control, fouling agent, scale composition, cleaning window, safety and environmental concerns.

We rely heavily on the use of specialized high pressure water jetting equipment to satisfy the majority of our project requirements. We have custom designed our high pressure water jetting systems to perform far beyond the capability of off-the- shelf equipment.
The net result is a package designed to provide complete 360o I.D. tube cleaning without harming tube base metal. With operating pressures ranging from 10,000 - 20,000 psi, we can effectively remove all foreign debris, from biological films to calcium/silica scales.

  • Magna Engineers is a world-wide producer, supplier, and integrator of "Hydro Systems" & "Scientific Glass Apparatus" - related products to industries in India and customers throughout the world. Magna's customers include the Public Sector Units, Heavy Engineering Companies, Engineering Procurement & Construction Industries (EPC), Food Processing Industries, Power Plants, Steel Industries, Chemical Industries, Department of Defense and all types of wet process heavy industries. As a supplier and as a trusted strategic partner, we have the intellectual, technological, and financial resources to enable customers to solve problems in high-technological fields.


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