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Special Effects & Theme parks


To create "smoke" or "fog," theme parks and studios have often had to resort to chemicals or oils to produce the required special effect.


Hydromist system offers a safe alternative to these methods. Using only high-pressure water, our systems create the required atmosphere with no discomfort or possible injury to spectators or actors.

Utilizing water at 1,450 PSI (100 Bar), Hydromist produces ultra fine mist droplets that float freely in the air and create a fog or mist wherever required. Pure water fog is safe and economically viable to create the theme or scene desired. For permanent installations the Hydromist system is installed using flexible nylon lines with adjustable patented fog nozzles strategically placed to give the right atmosphere and effect. Valve arrangements allow the system to be started or pulsed whenever needed either using Hydromist control system or by the designers own equipment. Hydromist engineers can specifically design each application according to specific need of the customer.

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